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Red-Eared Sliders (Animal Planet™ Pet Care Library)

by Katrina Smith

Softcover $10.95

E-Book $10.99

The most common turtle found in home aquariums, red-eared sliders are great pets for both novice and experienced turtle keepers. Originally a native of warm climates, these semi-aquatic turtles love to bask in the sun when they aren’t foraging for food. Written by a turtle rescuer and rehabilitator, Red-Eared Sliders is an all-inclusive guide to caring for this popular turtle species. This book contains instructions on how to construct and maintain proper indoor and outdoor enclosures for sliders as well as other closely related turtle species along with vivid, full-color photos displaying the completed habitats.

ISBN: 9780793837090 (Softcover)
112 pages

ISBN: 9780793849246 (E-Book)

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