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Wrasses & Parrotfishes (Reef Fishes, Volume 4)

by Scott W. Michael

Hardcover $69.95

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Wrasses & Parrotfishes is a treasure trove of the latest captive-care advice for the wrasses (the second-largest family of marine fishes) as well as the beautiful parrotfishes. This groundbreaking guide provides authoritative coverage of popular and rare species that are among the most sought-after in the aquarium world. In addition to the illustrations, tip boxes, charts, and sidebars, the book contains over 500 world-class, full-color photos—among them more than 375 new identification photographs (species, color morphs, geographical variants, and juvenile forms) including many rare and newly discovered fishes. It covers many of the most important species in the marine aquarium hobby, ranging from ideal fishes for beginning aquarists to rare and exotic species of special interest to reef enthusiasts.

ISBN: 9781890087449 (Hardcover)
400 pages

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