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The Simple Guide to® Planted Aquariums

by Terry Ann Barber and Rhonda Wilson

Softcover $19.95

Authors Terry Ann Barber and Rhonda Wilson have years of first-hand experience in maintaining and cultivating plants for home aquariums and ponds. Contains photos of newer plant species that are currently popular in the aquarium trade. The numerous color photos and easy-to-follow layout of this book make it easier to use than others on the marketplace, at a price thats very competitive. anted aquariums are often thought of as being more difficult to care for than reef aquariums. This book allows anyone who is interested in attempting their own planted aquarium to be fully informed about what they are getting themselves into. Both authors have over 40 years of combined experience in the field and are ready to share their secrets of success with the readers.


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ISBN: 0793821177 (Softcover)
208 pages

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