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Keeping Bees

by Paul Peacock

Softcover $18.95

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Keeping Bees provides a comprehensive overview of everything a beekeeping novice needs to setup and properly maintain a hive in his or her garden and how to harvest honey, wax, and propolis. The book lists the best flowers and plants to keep in a garden that will help encourage your bees to gather the best pollen. It also reviews all necessary equipment required for beekeeping as well as bee health issues. A detailed maintenance section offers expert advice on seasonal routines. The step-by-step photographs show key techniques on how to handle and check your bees. Twelve delicious recipes are included that incorporate use of your homemade honey. Reflecting the current concern with the decline of bee populations, the book offers useful tips that can help keep your bees healthy and productive.

ISBN: 9780793806690 (Softcover)
144 pages

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