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Groom Your Dog Like a Professional

by Peter Young

Softcover $17.95

E-Book $0.00

During these tough economic times, do-it-yourself dog grooming is a great way to save money while providing excellent care for your canine companion. Groom Your Dog Like a Professional presents step-by-step instructions from an award-winning groomer to teach you how to get your furry pal looking like a show dog. The breed-specific instructions are arranged by type of coat, making this an easy-to-use reference for anyone wishing to naturally enhance their dog’s features, create fun and striking looks, or just reduce shedding and dander around the house. Each grooming example is fully illustrated with easy-to-follow photos to ensure beautiful results every time. This expertly written guide also explains how grooming provides an opportunity to check your dog for health concerns (which can help spot any potential problems early in their development) and to strengthen the bond between dog and owner. A special tips section reveals professional secrets to grooming older dogs, common grooming challenges and how to overcome them, grooming missteps to avoid, and myth busting information.

ISBN: 9780793806287 (Softcover)
144 pages

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