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Beagle (Animal Planetâ„¢ Dogs 101)

by Miriam Fields-Babineau

Hardcover $15.95

E-Book $12.99

The Beagle is a charming and lively member of the hound family. Ranked #5 in dog registrations by the AKC, this popular breed is very sociable and is happy just to be with their family pack. Originally bred as hunting dogs, Beagles are known to be active and adventurous and will often follow their nose wherever it leads. With chapters devoted to essential care and training topics, this extensive guide teaches you all you need to know to have a healthy and well-mannered Beagle in your life.

ISBN: 9780793837229 (Hardcover)
144 pages

ISBN: 9780793849406 (E-Book)

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