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101 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog: Tricks, Games, Sports and Other Playtime Activities
By Alison Smith
ISBN: 9780793806300
Hardcover, 160 pp.


50 Tricks to Teach Your Dog
By by Sophie Collins
ISBN: 9780793806454
, 128 pp.

All-Breed Dog Grooming (Revised Edition)
By Credentialed Panel of Grooming Professionals
ISBN: 9780793806478
Hardcover, 272 pp.

American Pit Bull Terrier (Animal Planet™ Dogs 101)
By Susan M. Ewing
ISBN: 9780793837243
Hardcover, 144 pp.

American Pit Bull Terrier (DogLife: Lifelong Care for Your Dog™)
By Amy D. Shojai
ISBN: 9780793836000
Hardcover, 224 pp.

American Pit Bull Terriers

American Pit Bull Terriers (Animal Planet™ Pet Care Library)
By Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz
ISBN: 9780793837588
Hardcover, 112 pp.

And Baby Makes Four

And Baby Makes Four
By Penny Scott-Fox
ISBN: 9780793845484
E-Book, 96 pp.

Animal Planet™: Complete Guide to a Healthy Dog
By Eve Adamson
ISBN: 978-0-7938-3737-3
Hardcover, 256 pp.

Australian Shepherd (DogLife: Lifelong Care for Your Dog™)
By Elizabeth M. Jarell
ISBN: 9780793836154
Hardcover, 224 pp.

Beagle (Animal Planet™ Dogs 101)
By Miriam Fields-Babineau
ISBN: 9780793837229
Hardcover, 144 pp.

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