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The Cat Owner's Problem Solver

by Margaret H. Bonham

Softcover $15.95

E-Book $10.99

The Cat Owner's Problem Solver is an in-depth cat psychology manual that explains why cats do what they do and how their natural instincts are at the root of what we think of as "problem behaviors." The book provides countless ways to manage and modify feline behavior, excessive meowing, digging, and many others. It also teaches how to prevent these problems before they occur by recognizing and addressing their potential causes, as well as how to find an animal behaviorist for when a behavior issue is too much for an owner to handle alone. The Cat Owner's Problem Solver is an ideal manual both for cat owners looking to address existing behavior problems and for those with new cats who want to prevent any issues in the future.

ISBN: 9780793806508 (Softcover)
176 pages

ISBN: 9780793845859 (E-Book)

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