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Pekingese (Breed Lover's Guide™)

by Jenny Drastura


E-Book $6.99

Ranked #61 by the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Pekingese is marked by his directness, independence, and individuality. With his lion-like image, it’s no wonder this bold and dignified breed holds himself in such high esteem. But make no mistake—inside, this proud little dog has a heart of gold. Once a Peke trusts you, he will become a loyal friend for life. Seldom flustered by the unexpected, he takes everything in stride but won’t hesitate to protect those he loves. With his majestic history and unique personality, the Pekingese is truly a wonderful family companion.

ISBN: 9780793841868 ()
144 pages

ISBN: 9780793849505 (E-Book)

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