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Conures (Animal Planet Pet Care Library)

Conures (Animal Planet™ Pet Care Library)
By Carol Frischman
ISBN: 9780793837700
Hardcover, 112 pp.

Finches (Animal Planet Pet Care Library)

Finches (Animal Planet™ Pet Care Library)
By Rebecca K. O'Connor
ISBN: 9780793837977
Softcover, 112 pp.

Good Parrotkeeping
By Robin Deutsch
ISBN: 9780793806669
Hardcover, 304 pp.

Lories and Lorikeets
By Rebecca K. O’Connor
ISBN: 9780793844098
E-Book, pp.

Lovebirds (Animal Planet Pet Care Library)

Lovebirds (Animal Planet™ Pet Care Library)
By Julie Mancini
ISBN: 9780793837809
Hardcover, 112 pp.

Macaws (The Birdkeepers' Guides)
By Julie Mancini
ISBN: 9780793814831
Softcover, 112 pp.


Parakeets (Animal Planet™ Pet Care Library)
By Nikki Moustaki
ISBN: 9780793837670
Hardcover, 112 pp.

Parrotlets (The Birdkeepers' Guides)
By Nikki Moustaki
ISBN: 9780793814817
, 112 pp.

Pionus Parrots
By Tammy Gagne
ISBN: 9780793844081
E-Book, 112 pp.

The Parrot Problem Solver

The Parrot Problem Solver: Finding Solutions to Aggresive Behavior
By Barbara Heindenreich
ISBN: 9780793805624
Hardcover, 192 pp.

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