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Cockatoos (Animal Planetâ„¢ Pet Care Library)

by Carol Frischmann

Softcover $10.95

E-Book $10.99

Cockatoos are big beautiful birds famous for being the “snuggle-bunnies” of the parrot family—most love to be cuddled by the members of their human flock. Like other parrots, cockatoos are intelligent and social pets. They can be affectionate, loyal companions, but when not properly trained and socialized, they can develop a number of problem behaviors. Written by an expert on bird care, this in-depth guide discusses 11 species of cockatoos that are commonly available; it touches on some of the other species as well. Essential topics like proper socialization, solving problem behaviors, nutrition, cages and other equipment, and health care receive detailed coverage. The author advocates positive training and the formation of a deep parrot–human bond.
Each book in the Animal Planet™ Pet Care Library contains original, lively text, complete with informative tips and colorful photos illustrating all aspects of pet care. Expertly written, these user-friendly guides are bound to delight the entire family.

ISBN: 978-0-7938-1484-8 (Softcover)
112 pages

ISBN: 978-0-7938-4958-1 (E-Book)

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