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by Gary Glendell

E-Book $9.99

Cockatiels provides essential care advice about keeping these intelligent and active parrots in an easy-to-access style. Featuring authoritative text, brand new photographs, and clear color diagrams, it offers all the must-know information in one volume. This book contains all the information keepers of cockatiels need to know to provide their companions with proper care and training. It covers a wide range of important topics, including: how cockatiels live in the wild; parrot biology; selecting the right cage and accessories; buying and making safe toys; basic training and solving behavior problems; nutrition and feeding; what to do if your cockatiel escapes. Additionally, Cockatiels contain san chapter of frequently asked questions that will help you prepare for life with these wonderful companion birds. This is a vital reference for all keepers of cockatiels.

ISBN: 9780793806546 (Softcover)
96 pages

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