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TFH Publications has been at the forefront of pet publishing for over half a century, creating and sustaining publications for owners of a wide variety of companion animals.

TFH books have always been known for their comprehensive and authoritative information. We were the first publisher of pet books to use color. We were, and are, the publishing leader in dog and small animal care, herp care, and the aquarium hobby, and our line also includes equine and farm titles.

Our aquarium books run the gamut from beginner to advanced hobbyist, and we continue to produce our world-famous atlases, including the outstanding Exotic Tropical Fishes, which gives details and photos of thousands of species of fishes. 

In the budding reptile and amphibian hobby, TFH has captured the market with our beautifully designed and expertly written Complete Herp Care™ series, which feature well-known and up-and-coming reptiles and amphibians.

TFH was a pioneer in bringing a variety of authoritative books to dog owners, too, and has always maintained a wide selection of breed, care, and training titles to satisfy the needs and interests of all dog owners. TFH’s dog breed book authors are experts in the field, and many top trainers are authoring TFH books, adding to our library of essential dog training titles. Our best-selling and groundbreaking Terra Nova™ series was the first breed series on the market to feature a dog care and training DVD. Our two most recent dog breed series, DogLife™ and Breed Lover’s™, continue our long-standing tradition of bringing dog parents the most up-to-date and easily accessible information on all types of dog breeds.

Today, TFH prides itself on its history and its future. Our award-winning Animal Planet® Pet Care Library, based on our exclusive partnership with Animal Planet®, is a series of family-friendly, attractive books on all aspects of caring for a variety of pets, including dogs, small animals, birds, aquariums, and horses. And TFH will be one of the first pet publishers to offer new and rare books on an array of popular e-book platforms.

Look to TFH to continue to produce books and learning vehicles for pet owners that ensure the optimum human–companion animal experience: a long, healthy, happy life full of trust and companionship.

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